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A Film About Time


The Team

This story, at its core is about the loss of a parent and how you can blame yourself for that loss. This project explores that concept and it's an important thing to talk about. We want to shed light on this now with everyone struggling with something we want to offer some hope and optimism.


Cole Webb is an average guy who happens to be able to shift his consciousness into his past self. He uses this ability to commit crimes and rob the rich, but something is wrong when an alternate version of himself shows up right before the biggest heist of his life.

After another heist has gone wrong, Cole moves to Atlanta to be with his sister, Elli. There, they plan to infiltrate a facility called Zion that experimented on Cole when he was younger, to get answers about his past.

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Howling Warlocks Productions, LLC Is An Atlanta-Based Independent Production Team Focused On Creating Untold Stories. Founded In 2018, Howling Warlocks Productions Has A Diverse Range Of Individuals That Come From All Different Backgrounds, Generations, And Livelihoods.

Crew List - Morgan.png

Morgan Szymanski  ⬗  Director  ⬗  Writer  ⬗  Producer

Morgan is an Atlanta native, he's made more than a dozen short films and has been producing since 2007. Graduating from Georgia State University in 2013, he has worked on professional and indy productions for years as well as producing the local hit show Inside Investigations for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award.
He was been screened in multiple film festivals worldwide and has been an avid producer and director.

Crew List - Rose 2.0.png

Rose Bianco   ⬗  Actress  ⬗  Producer

Best known as the Rosa, Miguel's doting grandmother on Cobra Kai (Netflix), Rose Bianco is a classically trained actress. Her previous work include the role of drug cartel Matriarch in the Netflix movie Project Power, a guest starring role as Jane's grandmother in Doom Patrol, and the Gerard Butler movie Greenland. She will be seen this summer in the premiere of McNamara-Brookwell's original story, Moonrise, starring country singing star Granger Smith, premiering on Pureflix streaming service.

Crew List - Josh.png

Josh Dollison  ⬗  Director of Photography  ⬗  Writer  ⬗  Director

Josh Dollison has worked with students and professionals to realize four feature films, Afterthought, Aaron & Kadeem, Side Effects, and Dragon City, and one independent pilot, Deathwatch. Professionally, Dollison has worked as in the art department on Child Genius Season 2, Miracle Workers Season 1, The Gifted Season 2, Jungle Cruise, and Ms. Marvel Season 1.

Crew List - Reginald.png

Reginald Cineus  ⬗  Director of Photography  ⬗  Writer  ⬗  Director

Combined 40 Years Experience between our team leads

Completed Production on 3 Feature Films

Completed more than 20 Short Films

Multiple Award Winning Shorts

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Why Audiences Will Love It

This film has a diverse cast of ethnicities and LGBTQ identities but it’s not a movie that’s just about these things. It tells a unique story about trying to run away from your past and about persevering despite evidence of failure.

    This film speaks to a modern audience who themselves are diverse and have unique perspectives on life that are too often the primary focus of a narrative, but too often we don’t get to see these perspectives in a more mainstream narrative, along with incredible, unique, real-life locations that bring the story to life.

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